Treatment Planning

Dr. Ruth Roach Morgan, DDS Dental Solutions of Mississippi dentist in Canton MS Dr. Ruth Roach Morgan Dr. Jessica Morgan

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

You might think that all dentist do comprehensive treatment planning. If you have heard the old saying “ If all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail”- then you understand why it is so important that Dr Morgan and Dr Vaughn offer COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT PLANS. You see, Dr Morgan and Dr Vaughn have had extensive training in all parts of dentistry. This includes crowns, bridges ( in house and otherwise) root canals, implants, esthetics, veneers, bleaching bonding, orthodontics, extractions, dentures and partials, as well as most forms of dental treatment. Thus, not only can we show you with full color pictures of YOUR face and many examples of other patients we have treated; we can offer you all options available to help you with your choices. AND, since we do most of the treatments right here, we seldom have to refer to other dentists. This includes root canals, and most extractions, including all but the most difficult wisdom tooth extractions.

We also have several financing plans to offer, including an in house membership that costs you less than 1 dollar a day. The membership includes 2 cleanings and 2 emergency exams, and all the radiographs we need to take to give you a comprehensive treatment plan. Also a complete set of full color pictures so that what we are explaining makes more sense. AND, we can break the plan into affordable pieces, giving you what is most important TO YOU first.

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